Should I install new frameless shower doors?

12412085-frameless-shower-doors-njDid you know that with the amount of money you spend on shower curtain liners over seven years you could have bought beautiful glass shower doors?

Have you thought about changing from those dirty hard to clean shower curtains to new glass doors?

Do you want a more attractive bath area?

Shower curtains are visually jarring, they make your bathroom feel smaller. When you update to glass shower doors you add beauty and design to the room. You can make an old bathroom feel new again without having to replace the entire thing.

Do you want an easy to clean shower surface?

Glass shower doors offer user friendly cleaning options. Unlike shower curtains which can collect dirt in the folds and crevices, glass shower doors are easy to clean and stay much cleaner than the shower curtains you’re used to replacing all the time.

How do you clean hard water stains from your glass, and prevent them from happening?

Find out the reason why, the high level of calcium and magnesium in hard water leave deposits knows as limescale on glass and other surfaces. Limescale also increases the amount of soap scum because it attracts the particles in the soap.

You can remove limescale a sheet of news paper, crumple a sheet of dry newspaper and scrub the surface, this will help dislodge any surface dirt and soap scum. Repeat that process with a damp sheet of newspaper, change to a new sheet as necessary. Then dry the glass with a clean lint free towel.

Using Bar Keepers Friend is also a very effective way to clean limescale and soap scum off glass, take a clean sponge you only use for the bathroom and a small amount of product, wipe away the soap scum and limescale. This is the easiest way to clean away those hard water stains and keep your glass sparkling.

So if you would like to get rid of those dingy dirty shower curtains and upgrade to beautiful glass shower doors, give us a call at AMG Shower Doors today!

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