Step by step guide to designing my frameless shower door

DSC_0259A frameless shower enclosure helps to increase the value of your home as it provides a more luxurious feel than any other shower option.  Not only does a frameless shower door eliminate the need for metal framing, but they tend to last longer as well.  Further, they are easier to keep clean.

When deciding which frameless shower door to have installed, there are several criteria to consider.  This checklist can assist in creating a shower that suits your styles and bathroom space. American Mobile Glass has highly trained Project Managers and Technicians that will help you understand how all the components come together.

Glass Thickness Type: The thickness of your glass will determine the weight of your shower door.  The configuration of your shower door will help determine how thick the glass should be depending on if it will be attached to another glass panel or wall.

Glass Style: You may want a certain style glass for your shower door.  Perhaps there is a color or pattern that you would like.  The glass thickness will determine which colors or patterns are available to you.  Keep in mind that low iron glass provides the greatest clarity.  Therefore, if you have extensive tile work that you would like to showcase, low iron glass would be a great option.

Hinge Type: Pivot hinges and side-mount hinges are two options in hinge type.  Pivot hinges attach to the bottom and top corners of the shower door and allow for the sleekest and smoothest look.  Side-mount hinges are more noticeable since they attach along the side of your shower.

Connecting Hardware Types: The type and finish of the hardware you choose will also lead to the overall look of your shower door.  The most common finish is chrome, but there are others to choose from if you want something specific.  Glass-to-metal clips connect directly into the glass panels.  They allow for the best “all glass” look.  U-channels are another connecting hardware option, especially if cost is of concern.  U-channels are more visible; however they provide a continuous seal.  There are several finish choices for the U-channels to choose from and they can certainly elegantly accent your shower door.

Configuration: Unless you are doing a complete bathroom remodel, the current bathroom space will be the major determining factor in choosing which configuration your shower will be.  Most bathrooms have two or three pre-existing walls.  In certain cases, the shower may only have one wall which holds the shower head.  The open sides will make up your entire shower and establish the configuration.

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