Should I install Sliding Shower Door or Hinged Shower Door?

DSC_0288Many of our customers ask us whether we would go with a sliding shower door or a hinged shower door.  While we can’t pick out which one our customers are going to like the best, what we can do is give the pros and cons for each to help you make a more informed decision.

A sliding shower door ( is the perfect solution for a smaller bathroom where every bit of room counts.  When we mention a sliding shower door as an option, most customers think of an old track system that is going to be a nightmare to clean.  Our trackless Hydroslide series is modern, and there are no old tracks that the doors have to slide in.  Combine this with Guardian Showerguard and your shower doors are practically maintenance free!

The nice thing about sliding shower doors is that you still have all the options that you would normally have for a hinged shower door.  You can choose from different glass sizes, hardware colors and options, and framed or frameless shower door.  Be aware though that the frameless shower still has a metal header and a framed perimeter, but the individual door panels are not framed.  A Hydroslide shower glass sliding door will present a very upscale look to a more compact bathroom.  Any homeowner that wants the luxuries or an all glass look and feel with the space saving design of a sliding shower door should absolutely take a look into the Hydroslide door.

A hinged or pivot shower door is one in which the door swings out to open.  This is the more standard design, as long as space allows for at least a full 90 degree opening.  In a completely frameless design, options are limited since there is not much hardware used to mount the door.  There are generally two hinges on the side that are drilled directly into your tile or surface wall.  If a side panel is needed then there are two more wall mounts that will bring the side panel into the tile.

Either way, you can rest assured that the experts at AMG Shower Doors will point you in the right direction.  With an estimating team that has over 60 years combined experience in the industry, you will always be told upfront what your options are and what the corresponding costs will be.  Being in business for over 30 years, AMG strives on 100% customer satisfaction.  All of our shower door installations come with a 3 year warranty on hardware, glass, and workmanship.  Call 800-924-0808 (tel:800-924-0808) for a FREE Quote today!

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