Why are prices of Shower Doors so different from company to company, am I being ripped off?

I am getting prices for my shower door. I know I am getting the same thing from each place, please explain why the prices are so different – is one company trying to rip me off?
90 degree Frameless Enclosure Installed with Clamp
90 degree Frameless Enclosure Installed with Clamp

PRLog (Press Release)May 21, 2014NEWARK, N.J.This is our single most popular question and the answer is simple – you are not getting the same thing from each place. Here at AMG Shower Doors we cannot stress this enough.  Unlike a finished product such as a television or brand name product, each fabricator for frameless enclosures has their own system and with this comes a great deal of leeway regarding what a frameless shower door actually is.  This may seem completely crazy, but is actually extremely common.  For example, some companies may consider a “U” channel method of installation frameless, whereas other companies consider clamps as completely frameless.  It is very easy to get caught up in industry provided jargon “add-ons” and “standards”.

The first thing to consider is if your enclosure is being installed with a “U” channel or glass clamps.  Make sure to look over your proposal carefully, as this should be clearly defined.  If it is not, you need to ask!  There is nothing worse than contracting a company to complete your bathroom remodel only to find out later they installed a look that you are not happy with.  You are spending a lot of money to upgrade your bathroom, make sure you get what you are paying for!

Generally, installing a shower door with clamps rather than “U” channel adds 20% or more to the cost, but this is completely frameless look and in our opinion worth every penny.

Secondly, you want to know exactly what type of hardware is being used.  There are many less expensive knock offs on the market.  What you want to look for is a brass construction fitting plated with whichever metal finish complements your décor.  AMG Shower Doors https://www.enhancedsolutions.com/amgshowerdoors offers all the popular finishes such as chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, and can even custom paint any color you want!  These fittings are far superior to the alternatives which are generally made from aluminum and not rated to hold the full weight of a glass shower door.  This WILL eventually be an issue either with corrosion of the hardware, or worse yet a safety issue to where the door, panel, or both come off the wall. AMG Shower Doors uses an AutoCad program that guarantees 100% accuracy so even if we tried to design a shower door with incorrect hardware, our computer program will pick up on the error and not allow us to place the order until we upgrade to appropriate hardware that maintains the structural integrity.

Other factors that contribute to price change:

configuration variations (glass to glass hinging is more expensive than wall mount or pivot hinging)
header-less designs are more expensive than with a header. If your enclosure has a return panel, such as a 90 degree or 135 degree, how are these panels being “tied” together? Through the glass clamps are more costly than “sleeve over” clamps that fit over the top of the glass. Through the glass is a higher end look and requires more expensive hardware fittings and additional glass processing.
1/2″ glass is more expensive than 3/8″- (be sure to find out if you are getting standard clear or more costly low iron products)
installer- a senior level technician is more expensive than someone who is at entry level

What to watch for: If you receive a quote that is drastically lower than someone else, chances are you’re having a less qualified installer perform the work OR some major corners are being cut. Now when we say drastically lower, we mean you are getting prices of $1500 – $1650 from others, then a company comes along and gives you a price of $750-800 installed. There is a reason why. You are not getting the deal of a lifetime. Some of the factors that can cause a price to be significantly lower:

– Unskilled or entry level installer.
– Company doesn’t carry proper insurances.
– Company is using illegitimate workers.
– Improper glass is being used for the shower door.
– Lesser quality hardware or make-shift hardware is being used.

Again, we cannot stress enough- prices from companies that are almost cut in half from others you have been getting should be crossed off your list!!!!

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