Window Repair & Replacement

Windows New windows or replacement glass
Double-pane and triple-pane windows, including energy-efficient, glare cutting (low-E) glass
Fogged or broken insulated glass windows repaired
Cranks, latches, & hinges for all window types
Sliding glass patio doors
Repair or install aluminum, vinyl & wood windows
Mobile Screen Repairs cut on site

Call 862-702-3761 today for a FREE ESTIMATE!
Had a glass breakage at home?  Broken home window or door?  AMG can help with any type of glass replacement you may need.  We are fast, efficient, and professional.  Whether you have cracked or shattered window glass, call the experts at AMG for a free estimate today!
Whatever window you need replaced, our experienced Glaziers are up to the job – and are only ever a phone call away. At AMG we appreciate that home window glass replacement can be urgent. That’s why we’re on call all day, every day, so you can rest assured that whenever you need a home window glass replacement, an expert is readily available.  Contractors, homeowners, architects, building owners, etc. have come to rely on AMG for the most professional, efficient, and trusted installations in the industry!

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