Hanging Services

hanging Large mirrors, framed mirrors, picture frames, etc.

• 2 man installations handled with care

Transport, professional placement, and secure wall mounting

All hanging hardware included with every installation

Support anchors installed

Measure center lines, hang, and level the picture

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Hanging pictures, artwork, mirrors, and other decor items at home might seem like a simple task. But if you’ve tried it, you know what can go wrong. Who could forget the crack in the wall, the painting that refuses to hang straight, or the heavy mirror that fell and shattered? How about the photos you wanted in a straight row that ended up uneven?

At AMG we provide a comprehensive hanging service that includes transport, professional placement and secure wall mounting for your home, office, or gallery.  Our technicians will help determine location, install support anchors, measure, hang, and level the picture.  When you hire the experts at AMG you are not only getting 30+ years experience in the industry, but you are getting ease of mind knowing that your picture will be hung for years to come.  Many large pictures and mirrors require much more than a simple nail.  Our technicians will determine the level of support needed for mounting to keep not only your picture safe and in once piece, but yourself and your family as well.  This is why each of our hanging installations come with a 5 year warranty.

A large part of our services includes moving large pictures or mirrors from one location to another.  Whether you are moving, purchased an item from a different location, or just want an item moved from your home to your office, the experts at AMG are fully trained to take down, transport, and rehang your picture as if it had been never touched.  Our fleet of 13 trucks are equipped to handle anything from a 25 pound bathroom mirror to 150+ pound picture frames.  Let us show you why AMG has been trusted with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of glass to disassemble, transport, and re-hang.

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