What Are The Advantages of Installing a Frameless Shower Door in My Home?

frameless shower doorMany homeowners may not be too familiar with frameless shower doors (https://www.enhancedsolutions.com/amgshowerdoors) concept when renovating their home bathrooms. Modern shower door installation trends tend to favor frameless doors for showers over traditional framed doors for a number of design and functionality reasons. Lets establish a clear definition of what frameless shower doors are.

What is a Frameless Shower Door?

The frameless shower door is exactly what it says, a shower door which doesn’t have that supportive metal frame structure characteristic of traditional framed shower door.  The absence of a metallic support frame doesn’t make a frameless shower door more unstable though as this absence of a metallic support frame is usually compensated for with the use of structurally reinforced materials, such as heavy-duty plastic, glass or fiber-glass.


As should be apparent by now, frameless shower doors are popular for their beautiful designs. The absence of a metallic frame gives manufacturers ample leeway to experiment with design concepts that go beyond surface patterns and textured glass-stacking finishes. The actual shape of the shower door formed into different shapes for structural variety. A popular example of this is that of differently curved edges built into the frameless shower doors. Some of the simplest designs stay true to the belief that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, produced as simple slabs of tempered glass doors whose consistency isn’t altered by the presence of a metal frame.


Although the frameless variety of shower doors are relatively more challenging to install than their framed counterparts, the functionality offered by a frameless shower door is considerably more versatile than that of framed shower doors. The choice between bypass and pivot hinges make frameless shower doors more versatile in that they can open and close in either a sliding motion or as a regular door would. In the specific case of pivot hinges, the regular door open/close motion is not limited to one direction, which means frameless shower doors can open inwards or outwards.


Perhaps the biggest advantage of frameless shower doors is the ease with which they can be cared for and maintained. Keeping a frameless shower door clean is as simple as wiping it with a squeegee, preferably right after each shower. As far as its durability goes, after the shower door installation is complete, it will probably last a very long time without cracking or breaking.

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