Return on investment for frameless shower doors NJ

showersThis is a great question.  Whenever a homeowner upgrades their home, it is always smart to try and calculate what you can expect to get back out of that project, whether you are moving in 6 months or 6 years.  No one likes putting money into something that they will never see back.  The great thing about home improvement projects is that if planned correctly, you can usually see a decent amount of your investment back when you decide to sell your home.

New frameless shower doors nj in your home will not only improve the look of a bathroom drastically, but will also improve the value of your home.  By paying out $10,000 to upgrade your bathroom, you can expect to recoup on average $6,410 when you sell.  While these numbers are pretty decent, what this does not take into account is the “WOW” factor when your potential buyers come walking through your completely redone bathroom.   If the buyers are between two homes, and yours has a beautiful newly redone bathroom complete with modern tile, vanity, mirrors, and a glistening shower enclosure, that other house will not stand a chance.  So that $10,000 investment can give you that competitive edge you need when showcasing your home.

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