What is ShowerGuard® and will it really make a difference on my shower doors?

treated vs untreatedTake a look at the picture.  You can clearly see the difference between the treated vs. untreated glass.  This is a clear display of the difference that ShowerGuard®

provides.  For years shower door manufacturers tried coming up with a solution to prevent soap scum, hard water stains, damage from aging and humidity, etc.  There were rub on applications followed by sprays, solvents, mixtures, and the like.  To no one’s surprise, none of these products worked as advertised.  They would always under deliver, and would wear off much faster than they were supposed to.  It wasn’t until Guardian released their state of the art technology called ShowerGuard®, that AMG Shower Doors became interested.  This technology permanently seals the glass surface, for a shower that stays beautiful forever with just a minimal amount of cleaning.  And to back their technology?  A Lifetime Limited Warranty giving the best available customer warranty for any glass protection on the market today!

You may be thinking that ShowerGuard® may be too expensive, or that if you clean your new shower often enough you won’t need this product.  Surprisingly, ShowerGuard® averages only 8.5% extra on a typical shower door and panel.  The question then becomes; Why invest money into a shower door https://www.enhancedsolutions.com/amgshowerdoors at all if it is not going to look its best at all times?  You have to remember that your frameless shower door is more than a piece of glass that keeps the water in or out, it is an investment.  It is the showcase of your entire bathroom.  Without your glass being clean, you will not be able to see and appreciate the tile work and matching hardware that lies behind that glass.  Too often we see customers turn down ShowerGuard® on their new shower door, and a month or two later call back and tell us that they’ve changed their mind and they want it now.  Unfortunately at that point, there is nothing we can do for them.  ShowerGuard® is baked into the glass as it is made, it is not a product that can be added on after.  This is why we urge all of our customers to at least think about adding ShowerGuard® onto their shower door purchase.

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